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    Great Western Council of Optometry


    Professional Services

    Degrees Required:
    4 Year Degree

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    Manages Others:

    GWCO is seeking candidates who possess a strong proficiency in meeting planning and an executive lead with association experience and a CAE or CMP designation. 



    Seeks Management Proposals
    Association Management Services

    Position Available

    The Great Western Council of Optometry (GWCO) is seeking an individual or association management company (AMC) to lead our organization in close collaboration with a dynamic volunteer board and engaged participation of the affiliated state associations. We are looking for a professional individual or AMC who will serve as a representative voice for GWCO amongst a wide variety of stakeholders. GWCO is seeking candidates who possess a strong proficiency in meeting planning and an executive lead with association experience and a CAE or CMP designation.

    Introduction to the Great Western Council of Optometry

    GWCO is comprised of thirteen member state optometry associations (all of which are affiliates of the American Optometric Association) including; Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming as well as two associate member organizations. A representative from each state association makes up the GWCO Board of Directors.

    Throughout the year, GWCO focuses on an important facet of the GWCO mission by providing a common voice within organized optometry and facilitating communication amongst members. GWCO publishes a monthly e-newsletter to member leaders and widely distributes a quarterly e-newsletter to all contacts. GWCO also maintains an interactive website at

    Another facet of the mission revolves around the annual educational meeting and trade show each fall. The four day Annual Congress provides professional development for more than 1000 doctors, staff, and students and receives support from approximately 100 exhibitors. The program consists of four to six educational tracks consisting of over 80 hours of professional education, one leadership track, multi-day exhibit hall, and hosted events. Attendees receive awards for outstanding service and support of the optometric profession. All after-expense revenue is shared back to affiliated state optometric associations.

    Mission Statement

    The Great Western Council of Optometry (GWCO) is a non-profit association formed in 1991 to provide a common voice for members within organized optometry, facilitate communication, enhance professional development, and provide financial support to affiliated state optometric associations.

    Request for Proposal

    A Checklist for Candidates to Follow*

    ·  GWCO distributes the call for proposals. (November 2017)

    ·  Interested AMCs and individuals must submit responses before December 18, 2017.

    ·  AMCs must include information about your company:

    ·  How long in business

    ·  Number of employees, title of employee(s), years of employment

    ·  Name and qualifications of designated lead and staff assigned to GWCO account

    ·  Other types of clients

    ·  References

    ·  Please address each area of the scope of services by indicating your ability to provide support as part of the management contract. Also indicate services that you typically outsource.

    ·  The search committee will review the proposals and will select the top candidates. (completed by January 2018)

    ·  The search committee will set up a meeting with the final candidates to interview with the GWCO Board of Directors at their Winter Meeting February 10, 2018 in Portland, Oregon. (Travel Reimbursed)

    ·  A transition plan will be finalized with the selected individual/AMC. (completed by April 2018)

    ·  The selected individual/AMC will be asked to attend the whole or part of the American Optometric Association annual conference during June 21-24, 2018 in Denver, CO to observe the program and meet with the GWCO Board of Directors. (Travel Reimbursed)

    ·  The selected individual/AMC will begin new position concurrently with current management in August 2018 and assume 2018 conference development responsibilities.

    ·  A complete transition will take place by November 1, 2018.

    *(process subject to change based upon applicants and/or circumstances)

    Scope of Services

    ●  A) Association Management 

    1.  General Office: Provide a fully operational business office for the receipt of mail, visitors, and telephone calls. A home office is allowable.

    2.  Phone: Provide telephone coverage during regular business hours five days a week.

    3.  Email: Utilize existing GWCO email addresses for communication.

    4.  Database: Maintain GWCO databases and backup software.

    5.  Shared Documents: Utilize and maintain GWCO board and committee shared Google documents or other secured document sharing methodology.

    6.  Timeline: Create and maintain an annual timeline with management, board, and committee tasks and deadlines.

    ●  B) Congress Meeting Management 

    1.  Site Selection: Research future sites to assess hotel accommodations, meeting space, exhibit halls, local amenities, etc.

    2.  Contract Negotiation: Secure contracts for accommodations, meeting space, and exhibit space.

    3.  Develop Agenda: Work with the GWCO Board of Directors and key consultants to develop an agenda for attendees, industry partners, staff, and board members.

    4.  Onsite Staff: Provide staffing to handle registration including badges and tickets for special events as well as monitor exhibits, education session tracking & scanning, as well as coordinate work of the GWCO board and volunteers.

    5.  Marketing and Promotion: Prepare print and electronic materials to promote the meeting.

    6.  Registration Processing: Typical conference attendance is just over 1,000 people and 100 exhibitors with 95% of attendees registering in advance and 5% on site. Develop registration materials, an online registration system, process advanced registrations, prompt participants to register via e-mail and postcard notification, process on-site registrations, distribute materials, badges and tickets, collect fees, track and report the number of individuals registered.

    7.  Accommodations: Arrange hotel accommodations for staff, board members, and speakers. Facilitate hotel accommodations for visiting AOA board members.

    8.  Food & Beverage Selection: Negotiate and contract conference meals and events within budget.

    9.  Programs: Coordinate the production of the registration book, Industry Partner Packet, and onsite manual. Manage the printing of the Industry Partner Packet and onsite manual. (Coordination is at the sole expense of the management company. Graphic design and printing charges are paid by GWCO)

    10.  Mobile App: Prepare a conference mobile app with schedules, education handouts, social media, and maps.

    11.  Industry Partner Management: Work with the Industry Relations Committee to coordinate activities related to the solicitation of Advertising, Sponsorship, and Exhibits. Create and maintain a shared Google document to track industry partner communications and funds received.

    12.  Grants: Work with the Grants Committee to provide documents necessary for committee submission of grant applications. Prepare post-congress survey and budget reports to be utilized for grant reconciliation within 90 days post-congress.

    13.  Post-Congress Report: Compile a post-congress report to include attendee numbers and demographics, education schedule, industry partner participation lists, impressions overview, survey results, and any other pertinent reports.

    ●  C) Continuing Education Development
    Management is responsible for maintaining a shared Google document or other secured document sharing method of the educational grid. Committee members will plan the educational content and select the speakers, but management will contract the speakers and gather educational documents. Management will facilitate Council on Optometric Practitioner Education (COPE) accreditation and submit for Allied Ophthalmic Education through Commission on Paraoptometric Certification, National Contact Lens Examiners, American Board of Opticianry, and other applicable organizations.

    ●  D) Awards
    Management will coordinate with the GWCO Awards Committee to facilitate awards solicitation, winner selection, and award production to include OD of the Year Award and Lifetime Achievement Award. Awards will also be presented to major sponsors and grantors.

    ●  E) Board Meetings 

    The board of directors meets four times a year. The first board meeting is held in the winter, typically at the end of January or the first part of February at a time and place agreed upon by the board. The second board meeting occurs during the American Optometric Association Conference in June at a location in the US. The final two meetings occur at our annual conference in the fall. We meet on the Wednesday before the conference begins and then again on Saturday evening. Management will arrange board member accommodations, meeting space, IT, and food & beverage. Management will participate in the meetings and provide advice and information as well as produce meeting materials and reports. Minutes of the meeting will be produced and disseminated to the board within 21 days of the meeting.

    ●  F) Committees 

    A list of committee members will be maintained. Management will facilitate all committee meetings as well as conference calls on the first, second, and fourth Wednesday of each month at 12:00 PM Pacific. Additional calls are held as needed.

    ●  G) Strategic Plan
    Management will facilitate routine strategic planning by the board and assist the board and committees in goal success.

    ●  H) Financial Management

    1.  Income and expense responsibility: Process, record and deposit income from member dues, conference registration, industry partners, and royalties; process payment for all bills and send to the GWCO treasurer for approval and signature.

    2.  Invoices: Prepare and ensure payment of invoices for membership dues, meeting registrations, sponsorship, exhibit payments, speaker honorariums, board travel and per diems.

    3.  Frequency of reports: Prepare monthly financial reports for the Executive Board and up-to-date financial reports for each board meeting.

    4.  Budget preparation and tracking: Assist the treasurer in the budget development and maintain an accurate accounting of income and expenses.

    5.  Annual Tax Forms: Process and distribute annual 1099-MISC forms. Prepare and submit all necessary documents to the GWCO accountant for the preparation and filing of the annual form 990. Complete any additional forms as required by the state and/or IRS.

    6.  Audit/Review: Arrange for a review or audit in accordance with policy and at the request of the board.

    ●  I) Insurance 

    Management will ensure Directors & Officers Errors and Omissions insurance and Event Cancellation insurance is in place.

    ●  J) Communication and Publication Support Services 

    1.  E-News: Create and disseminate a monthly e-newsletter to member leaders and a quarterly e-newsletter to all contacts.

    2.  Communication: Keep the board and member leaders up-to-date with emails and phone calls as necessary.

    3.  Web Services: Keep the GWCO website up to date with council and congress information. Meeting information, online registration, and course details/handouts will be made available in a timely manner.

    4.  Publicity: Distribute press releases during the time of the conference to major optometry and local press outlets.

    5.  Social Media: Maintain a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN, and/or relevant social media platforms.

    ●  K) Equipment & Storage 

    GWCO requires storage for equipment, financial records, legal documents, conference paperwork, and supplies. Current storage equals approximately 30 boxes.

    ●  L) General 

    In general, this scope attempts to define the regular, expected activities of the management service. GWCO expects management to perform a variety of general, minor activities not specifically defined herein. The GWCO Board will conduct an annual review of services with continuation that is subject to review.

    Proposal Submission

    Visit for proposal information.  Please note, only complete proposals will be reviewed.


    ●  Bylaws 

    ●  2018 Annual Timeline Example

    ●  2016 Strategic Plan

    ●  2017-18 Leadership & Committees

    ●  2017 Conference Program

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