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    The Myers Edge Inc. dba McDonald's



    Degrees Required:
    High School

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    McDonald’s Franchisee Looking for a Multi unit Supervisor

    Must have at least four years McDonald’s Store Management Experience to apply.


    At McDonald’s we’re aggressively changing the way we do business and are looking for an Area Supervisor who has the energy and drive and experience to prove us right. Here you’ll lead a team charged with revolutionizing the entire customer experience – all while driving a multi-million-dollar business. You’ll manage people. Streamline processes. And even provide front-line, hands-on support.


    Will be responsible for a 3-5 store group of McDonald’s restaurants must have experience in analyzing Profit and loss and setting objectives and following up on McDonald’s strict policies and procedures. Position also will be responsible for hiring and development of all Store Managers and Assistant manager within assigned group.


    We have the best benefits in the industry:

    Excellent Starting Salary
    Generous Bonus Program
    Company sponsored Comprehensive Medical/Dental/Vision/& life Insurance
    Paid Vacation


    Area Supervisor

    Position/ Performance Description


    Supervise 3-6 General Managers.

    POSITION PURPOSE: (Broad functions- why does job exist)

    Take full responsibility for development of all assigned people in order to optimize customer satisfaction, sales, and profits in each assigned store. This must be accomplished in accordance with good business practices, policies, and procedures as set fourth by McDonald’s and as referenced in various manuals, procedural updates, etc.


    Must achieve profit targets every month. The financial welfare and growth depend on It!!

    1. Direct and assist each individual General Manager and staff in the immediate and long term operations of

    their restaurant, toward the end results of optimum sales and profitability.

    2. Direct and assist each restaurant management team in achieving and maintaining the highest level of      

    QSC by verifying all shift managers can demonstrate all principles of shift management.

    3. Interview and hire store management personnel based on store needs. Working with General Manager

    and be responsible for the satisfactory completion of Management Development program/LMS by all

    Management personnel in assigned patch. while maintaining awareness to management retention. Must

    develop managers for the long term growth of your patch and the company. Maintain 6 shift certified

    managers all stores

    4. Work shoulder-to-shoulder with General Managers in adhering to all McDonald’s people practices and

    maintain crew staffing levels in all assigned stores based on store needs. Together with Managers,

    create a FUN atmosphere in all stores, while training and developing all members of the crew and

    reducing turnover.

    5. Analyze sales trends of assigned stores in order to identify negative sales patterns and opportunities

    To build sales. Implement down store programs to capitalize on additional sales either through

    promotional or operational programs.

    6. Administer written performance reviews to General Managers every six months, while at the same time

    making sure the General Managers administer the same to their Management staffs and crew people.

    7. Complete monthly, store cash and security audits. Follow through with necessary corrective action on

    any areas where policy is not being followed to ensure safety and security of store personnel and assets.

    8. Assist in the introduction of new products, procedures, and equipment, and implement the basic

    programs and systems of our business.

    9. Complete Short operations reviews on each store in patch on all day parts twice per month as well as

    complete SIO shop on each store on different shift managers each month.

    10. Conduct patch meeting with general mangers each month to discuss progress by restaurant and to

    share ideas and discuss opportunities within the patch.

    11. Assist Manager in preparation of Quarterly Review including updating the revolving goals and objectives


    12. Assist Managers on Preparing for 2nd Thursday Profit accountability Meetings.

    12. Conduct Mystery Shop follow up meetings with 24 hours after Mystery Shop. To recognize crew and

    management and crew as well as help the Store Manager set the expectation for the next Shop.

    Research all area of the shop from the video camera to the schedule and positioning as well as

    counseling shift manager.

    13. Meet the profit objectives established by management and see that targets are achieved. There will

    be no exceptions to this lead way for the expectation. We must hit targets to SURVIVE & GROW!

    14. All management schedules received by the Director of Operations no later than the 25th day of each

    Month for the next month, the schedules must include a plan of all activities of each restaurant for

    example truck deliveries, order completion, training, meetings, scheduling.

    15. Food cost submitted to the Director of Operations every week by Monday morning 11:00AM.

    16. Maintain Mystery Shop cso score 20% or better.

    17. Maintain all Health Department grades at 95% or better. With all noted violation corrected with 24 hours

    of health department visit.

    18. Attend all managers meetings each week at EVERY restaurant.

    19. Prepare all assigned restaurant for all FOR conducted by McDonalds and have the stores prepared for

      ROC visits from Director of Operations.

    20. Work with each manager to hold them accountable for “staffed” restaurants. Update needs analysis

    monthly and present to Director of Operations.

    21. Execute eight proven people practice in all assigned restaurants.

    22. Require all Store Manager to have at least one crew meeting per quarter.

    23. Crew develop program in all restaurants to be followed up by General Manager’s but the accountability

    to the Area Supervisors from the Director of Operations.

    he Key to the Area Supervisors position is primarily like any other management position is to hold Managers accountable, as well as organize each day to accomplish all the above listed responsibilities,

    The Area Supervisors Performance review will be formulated by the above list job responsibilities by the Director of Operations.

    The scheduling standards for the Area Supervisor position are one weekend day off Friday, Saturday or Sunday and one Weekday off. This gives the position an opportunity to visit the restaurants on weekend setting as well as “rub shoulders” with Weekend Management and Crew. Supervisors should work one late night per month in 24 hour restaurants.

    Supervisors should rotate Sunday’s off. For example if you’re off one Sunday you need to work the next. Coordinate the schedules with each other. I would like The Supervisors to work together in completing their schedules so they can cover from one another while the other Is scheduled off.

    The Area Supervisor should follow up to make sure that the month end inventories are completed accurate, neat, & complete. I would like you to make sure there are at least two people counting inventory each month. You need to plan this in your calendar.

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