Restaurant Experience? Apply NOW for Customer Service Sales Position

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  • Restaurant Experience? Apply NOW for Customer Service Sales Position

    Ammo Consulting

    Ellicott City

    Entry Level, Restaurant - Food Service, Hospitality - Hotel

    Degrees Required:
    2 Year Degree

    Employment Type:

    Manages Others:


    If you have experience in the hospitality - restaurant - retail fields, love to work in a fun, team environment, enjoy working hard to make great money, and want a CAREER where you can advance apply immediately.


    Restaurant Experience? Apply NOW for Customer Service Sales Position

    I started in the retail and food industry when I was 14 years old. Retail was the most boring and under paid industry I have ever worked in and I swore to myself that once I was old enough to have a "real job" that I would never work in retail again.

    When I tured 16 I left my retail key holder position and started my ten year career in the restaurant business. I loved working in the restaurant industry! I loved the fun, team environment and the independence of managing my own customers as a bartender and waitress in many restaurants. One of my favorite parts of working in the restaurant was the money that I went home with every night. I was never afraid to work long hours and work hard as long as the financial pay off was there. I worked in every kind of restaurant - fine dining, corporate, pizzeria, and small mom and pop restaurants. The one thing that the restaurant industry was missing was opportunity for career opportunity and financial growth. Even though I was making over a thousand dollars a week; I wanted more. I was offered several advancement opportunities in every restaurant that I worked in but the pay was never as good as being a server or a bartender and included more responsibilities and more hours.

    After my 12 years in retail and restaurants I set out to find a new career where I could advance financially and professionally. Lucky both of my parents were entrepreneurs and pushed me in the direction of sales. Unfortunately, all of the sales positions that had potential for not only financial opportunity to earn over six figures and to advance beyond sales in the future all required a minimum of three years of sales experience even with my Bachelors Degree.

    After many months of searching I found my current opportunity. Finally a company that would give me a chance and teach me direct sales and marketing - the foundation of running any strong business. All of the skill sets that I had acquired in customer service and sales over the years in the restaurant and retail positions definitely made it a smooth transition. After three months I was able to complete the Account Management and Account Executive roles of direct sales and marketing, I was then coached how to train, interview, prepare and execute public speaking meetings, and be a leader to many other Account Managers and Account Executives. For the past five years I have been running a Direct Marketing firm representing multiple Fortune 500 clients and have helped ten others move through our management training program to be able to achieve their professional and financial goals as well. My goals is five more locations this year; meaning five more promotions.

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