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  • Interval International

    Coord, Interval Options

    Interval International



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    Nature of Work
    This position professionally and efficiently is responsible for the successful process and verification of all Interval Options (Cruises, Hotel, VSA and Tours) transactions. Negotiates mutually agreeable resolutions with members, while still maintaining the highest levels of member satisfaction with the least cost impact to Interval or sister companies. Acts as a liaison between member and Resort, Finance and when necessary the Merchant bank. In the quest of accurate figures must cross reference system entries and complete gap analysis. When necessary collaborates with Resort Assistance, Travel Finance, MARS, IRFS, Hyatt, System Coordinators, Travel Department Support and Management staff to complete necessary research.  
    Duties & Responsibilities

    • Cross verifies Interval Options for accuracy of information.
    • Handles all emails for credit card declines and follows up with members for alternate FOP
    • Makes manual updates to FOP as required.
    •     Reviews all bookings in EAN and other system for date, names, rates and room, multi room type for accuracy
    •     Need to use BO, Vendor to complete Gap analysis
    •     Complete and report all cancellations and refunds with EAN
    •     Review all transactions in I Services and confirmation email to ensure all rooms have been booked with EAN and monies/points/weeks have been adjusted in appropriate systems (reconciliations)
    • Handles resort declines and verification issues - Contacts member to advise.
    •     Review added services to the CE before final payment
    •     Complete and report all refunds and cancellations
    •     Daily create report in the G drive for use with revenue reporting and agent incentive
    • Provides support to front-line agents and management team with Interval Options question and related issues.
    • Revises upcoming payments.
    • Contacts vendors in reference to any issues with payment.
    • Works closely with Invoicing Team regarding any Interval Options additional services charges.
    •  Add-ons Ð Invoice additional changes that affect final pricing, and email an updated invoice to member.
    • Handles any Interval Options changes, cancellations and rebooks.
    • Cancellations/Adjustments Ð process cancellation and or adjustments by issuing a report to Travel Finance, and re-invoicing when applicable.
    • Prepares CSR (Customer Service Refund) forms
    • Works closely with Travel Finance to verify check amounts due to vendors
    • Reviews Interval Options pending verification report; provides data to Travel Management for agents to follow-up or completes the process in the absence of an agent or time constrains.
    • Update Business Objects report with cancellations
    • Provides Updated Business Objects report to Operations Research for agent incentive
    • Reviews, updates and submits Payable reports to Travel Finance by set deadline
    • Responsible for answering calls from member inquiring more details on the Interval Options
    • Provides excellent customer service as well as educates member on our Interval Options processes and available options
    • Responsible for answering emails from customers with inquiries on additional details on Interval Options.
    • Resolves Customer Service issues at a Supervisory authority level
    • Analyses problems giving careful attention to cost implications of compensation, and reaches an independent decision for resolution
    • Reaches decisions on resolutions by analyzing the issue at hand and leveraging II and Vendors T&C.
    • Reaches decisions by leveraging agency status and relations with vendors.
    • Interacts with related department to complete complex verification issues and/or day to day processes (MARS, Sunset Finance and Travel Finance).
    • Creates and follows-up on CTS for any Interval Options related customer service issue
    • Act as a liaison with Resort representations on sensitive verification challenges, with the goal of satisfactory member experience.
    • Provides technical assistance to both internal staff and members on completing an Interval Option transaction.
    • Maintains an in-depth knowledge of all travel products offered by Interval in order to explain product benefits to customers in ways that addresses their problems
    • Communicates the need for a corporate card payment to management to avoid cancellations and increase in price.
    • Monitor the fluctuation of the week/points value during the verification process.
    • Monitors the fluctuation of the cruise rates and updates working systems and files as well as Finance with necessary adjustments and refunds.
    • Acts as a liaison between travel department and our Vendors.
    • Review and maintain Interval Options invoicing queue Ð for resending updated invoices to members.
    • Managing Option 10k; interaction with member and system updates
      • update after verification process increases the supplemental fee
      • update with subsequent payments and changes made directly with cruise line, before updated email is sent.
      • handle system alert of discrepancy in final payment due amount
    • Interaction with international offices to complete Interval Options transactions 
    Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills
    • Must possess a minimum of one year of previous Exchange and Travel industry
    • Must have a minimum of one-year experience of Amadeus application
    • Must be computer literate and possess basic knowledge of Windows, Excel and Word.
    • Must be extremely detailed oriented and possess excellent organizational skills.
    • Must be able to manage time and meet deadlines
    • Must be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
    • Must be able to comply to work in a flexible schedule.
    • Must possess excellent customer service skills.
    • Must be able to work weekends, rotating shifts, Holidays and overtime, as needed
    • Must be able to handle multi tasks.
    • Must be able to work well under pressure.
    • Must be able to work independently, with minimal supervision.  
    Physical Requirements
    • Sitting, standing, walking, manual dexterity (writing, typing, handling), operation of automated equipment (computer).

    Benefits and Compensation

    We are committed to offering competitive pay and benefits to our employees.  We conduct regular compensation reviews to ensure that our employees continue to earn a fair and equitable compensation package relative to that of other industry competitors.

    Equal Employment Opportunity

    The Company is committed to providing equal employment opportunities in all employment practices, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship status, marital status, age, veteran's status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. The Company complies with the law regarding reasonable accommodation for disabled employees and applicants.

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