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  • Centennial, Inc


    Centennial, Inc


    Management, Executive, Hospitality - Hotel, Strategy - Planning

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    Centennial is excited to announce that we have been retained to identify, attract, and recruit a President for one of our highly valued and growing family entertainment clients headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. The President will lead the organization to its next level of growth and customer engagement, holding responsibility for all aspects of the operation and utilizing long-range and annual planning to meet financial and operational goals.

    About the Organization:

    Celebrating 130 years of family, fun, and recreation, this storied brand and destination has truly "grown up" with Cincinnati. The organization is rich with history and is a legacy-filled landmark for the city and broader community. They strive every day to inspire the spirit of play and are passionate about providing families with a unique, historic, and fun place to enjoy time together, make memories, and "come out and play!"

    Job Summary:

    • Manage the park and facilities so as to generate a consistent and growing profit and cash flow, aligned with Ownership's desired rate of return and risk tolerance, increasing company value long term.
    • Partner with President/Ownership Representative to determine appropriate levels of financial performance for meeting/exceeding long-term financial goals.
    • Oversee all aspects of the organization's operations.
    • Hold responsibility for the long-range planning process and annual plan to increase operational efficiencies and the value of the company.
    • Manage the expectations of people at all levels within the organization.
    • Ensure the quality of maintenance programs and operational guidelines.
    • Review and approve contracts both individually and with input from Ownership Representative.
    • Facilitate good and clear communication throughout the organization via staff meetings and other communication forums and platforms.
    • Oversee coordination of outside legal counsel.
    • Utilize previous experience running multifaceted organizations and new business to meet strategic and growth goals.

    Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

    • Identify, research, and analyze issues with a large number of nonstandard or abstract variables to solve a wide range of intellectual and practical problems.
    • Establish, analyze, and consistently reevaluate goals and strategies to ensure the Company's financial growth and position in the marketplace.
    • Recognize operational needs and support with appropriate programs and solutions.
    • Responsible for the development of crew members.
    • Oversee and monitor financial performance and adjust spending accordingly.
    • Monitor trends in the marketplace and in-park trends to ensure revenue potential is maximized.
    • Summarize park data for presentation to ownership and for the use of crew members.
    • Provide clear and complete understanding of relationship of the budget and resources to the strategic plan; comply with administrative controls over funds, contracts, and procurements.
    • Identify issues and improvement areas, and make adjustments accordingly, to optimize profits and meet Company goals based on current business conditions.
    • Work with marketing and operations teams to establish overall guest standards and policies for the park, encouraging innovations in guest service and improving the overall guest experience.
    • Develop/oversee creation of and final review, approval, and adherence to all organizational policies and procedures.
    • Communicate clearly and concisely with associates at all levels of the Company and key external contacts including vendors, other business contracts, regulatory agencies and local, state, or federal government offices.
    • Protect and preserve the image of the organization.
    • Serve as the organization's contact for governmental agencies on all issues that could affect the park (i.e. zoning, development, labor law ordinances, and road improvements).
    • Lead by example and demonstrate high ethical standards by remaining visible and approachable.
    • Set effective long- and short-term goals based on a thorough understanding of management practices including empowerment, motivational support, etc.
    • Collaborate to develop networks and build alliances; engage in cross-functional activities.
    • Ensure and maintain a high quality level of operational excellence.
    • Manage, motivate, and evaluate company personnel to ensure individual goals and objectives are being met.

    Reporting Relationship:

    • Reports to President and Ownership Representative of parent/holding Company.


    • College degree, with emphasis on Management, Sales, Marketing, and/or Finance.
    • Minimum of 5 years' experience at a VP or comparable level.
    • Minimum six to ten years' experience in amusement park, entertainment, and/or customer experience operations.
    • Ability to relate to all departments and all levels of employees.
    • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit and a team building management style.
    • Solid analytical skills and a high sense of urgency.
    • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
    • Ability and willingness to work nights and weekends from April through October.

    Key Leadership Characteristics:

    • Strategic visionary
    • Strong people skills
    • Personable
    • Relationship builder
    • Expert communicator
    • Creator of partnerships
    • Developer of people and leaders
    • Growth focused
    • High level of emotional intelligence
    • Humble
    • Politically savvy
    • Financially knowledgeable
    • Advocator at state and national levels
    • Manager, synthesizer, and clarifier of differing viewpoints

    Centennial's mission is to connect business leaders with the best talent and resources to improve their businesses, careers, and personal lives. We empower organizations to plan, hire, retain, and grow.

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